Where's Nate?

living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.



Some guy just answered his phone while standing at the urinal. He proceeded to have a conversation with someone, take down a number, then call somebody else. All while standing next to me. Wonder if he washed his hands?

out for a sunday flight.

I love flying into Chicago this time of year, when the red and orange trees ring the gigantic houses out west of the city. For a moment, I think I could live here. Sunday afternoon in O'Hare is a sight to behold, no matter the time of year. It's been a while since I've been through here on the sabbath, probably since I graduated from Middlebury. Most of my quality O'Hare time has been during the week, business-travel style.

I'll never understand the decision-making process that people must go through when deciding what to take on a trip. For example, why do people bring their pillows? Whether you end up in a hotel, dorm room, or family guest room, the chances are pretty good that you can find something to rest your head on. I guess I'm thankful that I'm not completely attached to a couple of pounds of down.

Things haven't changed. Everybody between the ages of 18 and 25 is wearing their college sweatshirt, eyes red from saying goodbye to their long distance boyfriend or girlfriend, hoping that the name in all caps on their chest will signal to someone at their destination that they need a ride back to campus. That used to be me. And in some ways, it still is.


here in camp bell.

My week here at home has drawn rapidly to a close, and it's been a busy one. Between spending as much time as possible with Paige and Fen, a cameo at Apple, and two days of corporate schmoozing, I managed to forget all about coursework for a while. That's a good thing.

I also enjoyed being domestic for a week: mowing the lawn, firing up my grill, walking the dog, picking up after the dog, feeding the dog. The good news is that Paige and I had a solid week together. The bad news is that we have to wait three times as long before we get to Thanksgiving.


back home.

I surprised Paige the other day when I showed up for my October break four days before she expected me. I wanted to be around for her birthday celebration on Monday. I'm out on the West Coast for a Michigan B-School event called the West Coast Forum, in which we *get* to chat it up with Ross alums at Bay Area companies. I have a handful of roundtables tomorrow with some interesting companies. And on Friday I'm off to tour eBay and Yahoo.

But the real reason I'm out here is to see Paige, hang with Fenway, and sleep in my own bed. It's amazing how easy it is to cook with a full kitchen and to relax and watch something larger than a 19-inch TV. I've been going nuts with my food-making, grilling chili burgers last night and whipping up some Indian salmon for Paige's birthday dinner.

Unfortunately, it can't last forever. Last I checked it was cold and rainy today in Ann Arbor. Sigh.


collar poppin'.

Finally, some photo documentation has surfaced about the Country Club party from last week. See below, where yours truly, Christina, and Clay are showin' some collar poppin' love.

(bring us another scotch, buffy.)

Yes, not one...but TWO collars popped. And Clay's belt does have embroidered whales on it. People from Nantucket are obnoxious.


dotting the i, mini-style.

The following email was sent to me today. I think it describes the deep-seeded resentment between Ohio State and Michigan. Enjoy.

A recent graduate of The Ohio State University landed a job with a company in Dearborn, MI. After becoming a citizen of Michigan, she felt as if she had betrayed her Ohioan background and ancestry.

She had an apartment with a Michigan address, and she winced whenever she looked at her Michigan driver's license. When it came time to register her vehicle she had an idea: She'd get personalized plates and make things right.

The license plate for her car arrived, and she beamed as she installed them. She was so proud she sent an instant message to her father right away. He too was a proud Buckeye.

"Daddy," she typed. "I got new, personalized plates for my Mini today. They're University of Michigan plates!"

"WHAT?" he replied, "You have to be joking!"

"Nope, I'm serious. Let me send you the image."

Her father couldn't stop laughing after he saw the picture of her car....

(i used to like the mini cooper.)


final four.

Finals are here. And I'll admit I'm a bit apprehensive about them (in particular, Econ and Accounting). We have an exam every day from Tuesday through Friday; some are open note, others are memorize and purge.

Good luck to my classmates. And, fear not. This ex-History major won't be busting any curves.


big day in the big house.

Mom and Dad are in town this weekend for a game. And I may invite them back every weekend after the epic day we had today. It was a perfect, crisp, sunny fall day in Ann Arbor. It all started with a visit to Steve's place for Bloody Mary's, followed by the first of two journeys to The Bus.

(we love yellow...err, maize.)

Then we saw one incredible football game. Michigan led 10-3 going into the fourth quarter, only to allow 15 points to Penn State on successive plays from scrimmage. After see-sawing back and forth, Michigan found itself down by four points with less than a minute to go.

That's when the magic happened.

A long kickoff return by Breaston. Quick strikes to Avant and Hart to move down the field. And with no time left on the clock, Henne threw a strike. Michigan 26, PSU 24.

It's hard to describe what it sounds like to hear 100,000 people cheer louder than they've cheered all season. Or to describe what it feels like when 100,000 people all leap in the air at the same time. And when the band stormed the field and the players continued to celebrate, nobody wanted to leave this magical place.

One thing's for certain: I've never been this excited to be 4-3.


resume day.

Today's a big day at Ross. We all have to post our default resumes so that recuiters can see how impressive we are. Or, at least, how impressive we were. It's a funny thing, putting four years of undergrad and seven years of work experience into one single pre-formatted page. And I'm amazed at how many action verbs you can use to articulate pushing paper and procrastinating on projects.

So it's officially open season. Send out the hounds. The hunt is on.


those hooisers know how to party.

Spent a quick twenty-four hours with some Middlebury buds down at Cap'n Jenway's family home on Lake Wawasee. A big evening of BBQ and Euchre, followed by a ride on the open waters the next day. And, of course, nine innings of tough wiffle ball action.

(dr. nick serves one up to stinky.)

Paige, wish you were here. I needed a Euchre partner!

quiet, please.

So the following haiku came out from our academic chairs last night. There's been a bit of discussion about how Section 5ers are noisy and tardy. It's true.

Enter quietly,
or Kale and Jagadeesh
will wear cranky-pants.

That'll stop 'em!


rock, paint, scissors.

Apparently it's a tradition for different student organizations to paint a rock on the edge of campus in the middle of the night after a few beers and before a game of quarters at the Brown Jug. So at the urging of a few who shall remain nameless, an unnamed group of Section 5ers painted the rock last week.

(displaying skills learned out in the South Bay.)

And while some random pack of Greeksters painted over our rock, we had our moment of glory. Or at least twenty minutes of it.


so long, indian summer.

OK, autumn is officially here. This morning I walked to school in 70+ degree sunshine. For the next few days, we'll struggle to get out of the 50s. Thanks alot, Mother Nature. On the bright side, at least we won't be sweating our tails off at the UM-Minnesota game this weekend. Go Blue.


swingin' the sticks.

Hit the links with my fellow Section 5ers, Matt and Kellie (and Mister Kellie) this morning in the annual MBA Scramble. We ripped it pretty well, posting 5-under. The winning score came in at minus-11 but there were rumors that another squad posted 10-over. Ouch. I guess that puts us somewhere within one standard deviation of the mean. (Damn you, Statistics!)


home sick.

Way too much beer die last night. I guess that's what happens when you get a half-dozen NESCAC kids (plus one from Colorado College) together and everyone pretends like it's sophomore year in college.

Here's what is annoying me today: I lose my Bose SoundDock remote control at least three times a week. It's either (1) too small, (2) too business card-like, or (3) too much like an iPod nano. Whatever. It's starting to bug the crap out of me.

Here's what makes me happy today: Michigan 34, Michigan State 31. Sure it took until OT. Sure Henne almost handed the game away, again. Sure we missed a 25-yard field goal with a minute to go in regulation. We're finally back above .500 with two ranked teams (Minnesota and Penn State) coming in the next two weeks. Bring it.