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the year in review.

It's been a looooong time since I posted, so I'm taking the easy way out. Here's a quick rewind of 2009.

Paige and I moved into our new house, an Eichler on Mossbrook, and promptly undertook a ton of big projects: painting every room, new double pane windows, automatic garage doors, and new floors in all of the bedrooms. I participated in two fantastic Google trips to Disneyland and Squaw Valley.

I broke my arm (ouch) while Paige-o was eight months pregnant. Not a great move, and I haven't thrown a softball since that fateful and crazy evening. The arm (now with metal plate!) is fully operational, a bit sore, and on the mend.

We welcomed Hadley Anne into the world on March 9th. She continues to be an amazing addition to our lives. March was also the last time we saw serious rain in Silicon Valley until November or so.

A big month at work, as I helped launch Google Earth 4.3 and rolled out public transportation data for Google Maps in Chicago. Paige and I continue to sleep in 90-minute increments.

We celebrated a nice long weekend in Carmel with our dear friends Dave and Maddy. In a related story, Fenway and Riley (their wonderpooch) don't care much for each other.

Another big project completed for Google Earth, as we launched 3D buildings for Disneyworld. June also marked my official entrance into the Tim Lincecum fan club.

Lots of travel, including business trips to LA, New York City, and Valencia, Spain. We take Hadley to Cincinnati and St. Louis for family activities. Also, we enjoyed our first of (hopefully) many fourth of July celebrations with the Mossbrook Eichler neighborhood. My brother-in-law and I finished first in the water balloon toss. Booyah.

Our side yard gets a major overhaul with the installation of a professional grade bocce court. Grandpa Johnson rolls the first ball, and it's a strike.

The good: big time launch of transit in New York City. The bad: Michigan football begins the worst season in school history. The ugly: the Giants complete their downward spiral. The uglier: JT O'Sullivan is named the starting QB for the Niners.

Hadley's first Halloween features a hilarious ladybug outfit. And the whole family travels to Nebraska to celebrate Grandpa Johnson's 90th birthday. Paige and I celebrate (again) our 8th anniversary in style.

We host Thanksgiving for friends and family, serving homemade cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet potatoes, a brined turkey, and more. More importantly, Obama wins the election. I build a massive fence with my next door neighbor.

Cold days and even colder nights put the radiant heating to the test. And for the first time in several years, our tree and holiday decorations come out of storage.

That basically sums it up. Here's hoping for better blogging in 2009!