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big day in the big house.

Mom and Dad are in town this weekend for a game. And I may invite them back every weekend after the epic day we had today. It was a perfect, crisp, sunny fall day in Ann Arbor. It all started with a visit to Steve's place for Bloody Mary's, followed by the first of two journeys to The Bus.

(we love yellow...err, maize.)

Then we saw one incredible football game. Michigan led 10-3 going into the fourth quarter, only to allow 15 points to Penn State on successive plays from scrimmage. After see-sawing back and forth, Michigan found itself down by four points with less than a minute to go.

That's when the magic happened.

A long kickoff return by Breaston. Quick strikes to Avant and Hart to move down the field. And with no time left on the clock, Henne threw a strike. Michigan 26, PSU 24.

It's hard to describe what it sounds like to hear 100,000 people cheer louder than they've cheered all season. Or to describe what it feels like when 100,000 people all leap in the air at the same time. And when the band stormed the field and the players continued to celebrate, nobody wanted to leave this magical place.

One thing's for certain: I've never been this excited to be 4-3.


  • At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Reed said…

    GO BLUE!!! Sounds like it was an awesome day in Michigan... I am still shocked over our USC victory! We had two amazing games and two great victories!

  • At 2:51 PM, Anonymous endy said…

    Your enthusiam reminds me of a game I recently attended--San Diego vs. Steelers. The fans, the bad food, the chanting--very thrilling. It was fun up until I got 1/2 a beer spilled down my back. Five minutes later came the rain of nachos--avec salsa! This time they managed to get me AND my finance. I don't quite get the rabid fans waving those stupid ass towels above their head but I had to laugh nonetheless--it's just part of the fun of attending a live game. Go Yellow...I mean Maize...wait, I mean BLUE!!

  • At 2:54 PM, Anonymous wendy said…

    um, yeah, that was me, endy, more commonly referred to as wags :)


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