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living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


dotting the i, mini-style.

The following email was sent to me today. I think it describes the deep-seeded resentment between Ohio State and Michigan. Enjoy.

A recent graduate of The Ohio State University landed a job with a company in Dearborn, MI. After becoming a citizen of Michigan, she felt as if she had betrayed her Ohioan background and ancestry.

She had an apartment with a Michigan address, and she winced whenever she looked at her Michigan driver's license. When it came time to register her vehicle she had an idea: She'd get personalized plates and make things right.

The license plate for her car arrived, and she beamed as she installed them. She was so proud she sent an instant message to her father right away. He too was a proud Buckeye.

"Daddy," she typed. "I got new, personalized plates for my Mini today. They're University of Michigan plates!"

"WHAT?" he replied, "You have to be joking!"

"Nope, I'm serious. Let me send you the image."

Her father couldn't stop laughing after he saw the picture of her car....

(i used to like the mini cooper.)


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