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otter nonsense.*

(*Right off the bat, allow me to apologize for the plagiarism. Otter Nonsense is a brilliant improv comedy troupe at Middlebury. Pretty damn funny, indeed.)

Paige, Fen, and I just got back from a long weekend in Carmel with the Johnson family. Activities included golf at Pacific Grove Muni (aka "Poor Man's Pebble Beach"), grilled pizza, dinner al fresco at Forge in the Forest, and journeys down to the Yankee Point beach. Amazingly, we had sun and temps around 70 all weekend long. I can't remember the last time we saw consistent weather like this in the summer.

The highlight of the weekend, though, was a kayak trip up Elkhorn Slough outside of Moss Landing. At the apex (?) of Monterey Bay and right off Highway 1, the slough is home to harbor seals, sea otters, and a ton of bird life. Yep, bird life.

Paige and I enjoyed racing Reed and Jessica and Mom and Dad a couple of miles up the slough, where we were startled by otters and seals popping up along the way.

Otters are even more entertaining up close, especially when they grab clams and crabs from the bottom and start cracking them at the surface. What a bunch of smart and noisy animals.


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