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summer lovin'.

Today marks a summer milestone. It is essentially the midway point between Graduation from Ross and my first day at Google. And we're one month away from our departure to Scandinavia.

We've been busy recently, with Jeff and Sarah's big (huge, actually) wedding in San Francisco. Highlights included rehearsal dinner on the 45th floor of the Hilton (see above), tearing up a dance floor encircled by a mid-size pack of cougars, a gorgeous ceremony in the famous St. Mary's Cathedral, and a mega-reception full of great speeches and hilarious dancing. All in all, a fantastic and memorable weekend. We were glad to celebrate with Jeff and his bride.

The excitement didn't end with the wedding. Uncle Wayne was able to score Club Level seats to the Giants-Yankees game on Sunday and my Grandpa flew out from Nebraska to join us. Happily (for me, at least), the Gigantes pulled out a dramatic victory. Then, last night, fellow Ross alum Patty (who is visiting some pals out here) joined Paige and I in the bleachers for another Giants win. So far this season I'm 4-1. Can you say "MVP"? Absolutely.

We're scrambling a bit this week to get ready for our big trip to Fountain Point in northern Michigan. And by "scrambling" I mean, "starting to think about what we should bring." I figure I won't need much more than golf clubs, swim trunks, and flip flops. Sounds perfect to me.


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