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it's crappy in happy valley.

I'm usually one of the first to criticize Joe Paterno and his lousy Nittany Lions. But in a rare moment of clarity, JoePa made a pretty smart move this week after a dozen of his football players were beating up the good citizens of Crappy Valley. Most football coaches, including (sadly) Lloyd Carr, would look the other way if his team misbehaved like that. But JoePa is making his team come back to 107,000 seat Beaver Stadium to pick up trash after games. That's right, EVERY Sunday.

We'll see if Joe sticks to it. My bet is that he does. Not because he's being a hard-ass, but more likely because he's already forgotten that he laid out this punishment for his players.

Which out-of-town fans are the messiest? No doubt, those from Ohio State. But I bet the Notre Dame fans will make it a miserable Sunday morning (and Saturday afternoon) for the Nittany Lions.


  • At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Patrick said…

    He may be senile, but that's some classy stuff. Go Jo-Pa (I say that until the fall, then I change my tune)


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