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spring arrives.

At least for a few days, Ann Arbor is basking in spring-like weather. It's been in the 50s and 60s and today it's sunny. Again. Perhaps that's the biggest shocker about the weather, given the fact that the state of Michigan often seems like it's under a constant uni-cloud. As if it weren't hard enough to concentrate on classes, now Mother Nature is daring me to start running and golfing again.

It won't last long, though. We're expected to drop back to the 30s in time for the weekend.

I started an interesting class last night, Growth of New Ventures (I think that's what it's called). Anyway, it's taught by a local VC/entrepreneur and it focuses on CEO decision-making. It seems like an ideal class to take down the home stretch.

In a very Middlebury-esque moment, a handful of classmates and I joined our Strategy prof for dinner at his home on Sunday night. That's certainly one thing I miss about my undergrad experience: getting to know faculty outside the classroom. This is not to say that Ross faculty are hard to track down. Rather, there's a different level of expectation regarding this kind of interaction. I'm just a little surprised it took until the final six weeks of my MBA career to dine at a professor's home.

(The leftovers were brilliant, by the way.)


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