Where's Nate?

living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


mahalo for spring break.

One of the peculiar things about Ross is the semester schedule. Because we start relatively early in January and get out before the end of April, our Spring Break arrives at the February-March divide. I just returned from a few amazing days in Kona, Hawaii, at the gorgeous family home of one of my classmates. Portions of every day were spent on the beach and I managed to grab a round of 18 and a few hours of surfing.

But mainly it was quality time relaxing in the sun with great friends. Perhaps the most interesting activity was the nightly dinner planning, which seemed to escalate in caliber in each successive day. (Remember, MBAs can't help but compete.) We ate gourmet fajitas, savory pork tenderloin, and seared ahi caught only a few hours before by some of the housemates. My dinner squad went the grilled scallop and shrimp route with a gazpacho appetizer. Yum.

It's hard to believe that I graduate in eight short weeks. It'll be an intense social experience, I'm sure, as the semester starts to wind down. And with all of the MBA1s trekking around the world on their MAPs, the MBA2s will finally have the place to ourselves again. Sort of.


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