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you'll shoot your eye out.

My family is full of wacky holiday traditions. One of my favorites revolves around incessant quoting of "A Christmas Story." My brother knows it verbatim and I'm not far behind. For some reason, this film really strikes at the heart of what makes Christmas so...ironic.

So even though Christmas is a month away, this Cingular ad has been getting me in the holiday spirit (thanks GooTube):

And I'm not nearly as obsessed as this guy:

According to CNN, he literally bought the house from the movie and is selling leg lamps. Better hope the Bumpus hounds don't knock down the front door and steal his turkey.


  • At 11:06 PM, Anonymous m@ said…

    niiice. "FRA-GEEEEL-AY"

    by the way, found your blog while searching for, of all things, "MBA BLOGS"...i might be making the full-on jaunt back to ann arbor for my MBA next year if they decide to let me come back again. :) thanks for the random musings. go blue! --m@


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