Where's Nate?

living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


rock on.

Here's a spoof of VH1s popular series Behind the Music starring my band, P-Hat. The script was written by our drummer and guitar player and edited by myself and one of our singers. It was screened at "Rock N Roll B-School", an annual comedy show put on by our clasmates. (Be forewarned: There are a few F-bombs in here.)

You gotta love rock and roll. Particularly when it's played by the most shamelessly self-promoting business school rock and roll band in Michigan history.


  • At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Reed said…


  • At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Jonathan Haney said…

    nate, you are a self-promoting whore who doesn't show up to IP law.

  • At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Wendy said…

    Lord, what WAS that dance sequence?

    My eyes! My eyes!


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