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living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.



It's been over a week since my last post. Here's why:

1) Paige visited Ann Arbor over the weekend. Which meant a two-hour lunch at Zingerman's with Jeff and Julie and other Storer pals, a late-night-post-Minnesota-game bender at Sue "Buy A Vowel" Vlcko's pad in which Paige ruled the beer pong table, and several lazy days hanging around town. Can't wait to see her again in a couple of weeks.

2) Classwork. And classes. I thought somebody said the second year is the time to coast. Perhaps by "second year" this person meant "the last 48 hours of second semester" because I certainly haven't seen any easing up on the academics.

3) Groups. In a related topic, it continues to be all about working together, making decisions together, and finding a common time in which your group can make a decision together. It is this last piece that is the biggest challenge, particularly during football season and the "No Homework on Saturday" policy.

4) 12:40pm classes. That's right. I don't have a single class before noon. And it actually sucks. Instead of getting up and being productive, I go to bed late and then attempt to drag my ass out of bed within a reasonable distance of sunrise.

5) Other stuff. Between career counseling, the band, and planning FuturTech, my iCal screen looks like a bowl of Fruit Loops. Without much milk.

Anyway, I promise to write more. In November.


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