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On the eve of one of the biggest college football Saturdays of the season, Yahoo! Sports has published a long article that seems to confirm that all is not well in the City of Angels. Allegedly, Reggie Bush and his family accepted $100k in "financial benefits" from marketing agents during his tenure at USC. Uh-oh.

(A side observation. Since when did Yahoo! Sports ascend in credibility to the point where it is cited as a source on ESPN and CBS News. Media company, indeed.)

One of the more inflammatory articles suggests that USC should be stripped of the title they captured during the 2004 season. While this seems a bit extreme, Pete Carroll and the Trojan Athletic Department shouldn't get off scot-free if these allegations are factual. One thing is for certain, when SC squares off against Nebraska tomorrow evening, little of the chatter will be about what should be a good game.

Here's my personal dilemma. I'm a lifelong Huskers (the land of my entire extended family) fan who has adopted USC (where my brother and sister-in-law taught me the two finger salute). While I say I want a "good game" I won't know my true feelings until kick-off. And it's likely to be more scarlet and cream than cardinal and gold.

Oh, and Michigan and Notre Dame are facing off in South Bend tomorrow. Guess what I'll be doing from 3:30pm until midnight. Here's to going 3-0, Blue.


  • At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Reed said…

    I agree it sounds a little sketch.... I am sure this is not the first and only time something like this has happened. Taking away a National Championship would be ridiculous. I saw plenty of bad calls at the Rose Bowl game last year and I don't they should take back UT's national championship. Either way... football is like a business, most of the players are there for the game and getting into the NFL. A college education comes second in priority for most starting players. I can't wait to hear what Nebraska has to complain about this year. Probably having a hard time breating in all of the smog in LA. Anyway, Go Blue... and Go USC!!!


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