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so long, relish wheel.

Sad news last week from Middlebury was related to me by no less than five Midd alums from all corners of the country. It appears that a staple of the Addison County lifestyle, Dog Team Tavern, burned to the ground under semi-suspicious circumstances. This was THE place to take Mom and Dad on Parent's Weekend. It was a popular date spot for undergrads who could scrape enough pennies together. And it was a landmark for yours truly, who parked in the Dog Team lot every summer evening to fly-fish on the New Haven River for browns and brookies.

It's crazy to think that a place so pure and simple left such a lasting impact on me. Perhaps it's the taste and smell of the sticky buns served immediately before every meal. Or the infamous relish wheel that seemed to float around the restaurant and magically arrive at your table. Or the way you ordered upon arrival, like a Colonial-era taqueria on steroids.

Places like this are becoming increasingly elusive. Which is why we should embrace what we have and celebrate what we had.

UPDATE: Here's a comprehensive article from the Burlington Free Press.


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