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I first wrote about Farecast in late June, when the upstart airfare predictor engine was in early beta. At that time, Farecast was able to identify when travelers should book flights between Seattle and Boston. Today, the company rolled out a more robust product featuring airfares between 55 major domestic markets.

Hot maps from SJC.

It's a very slick product, particularly for individuals who have flexible travel needs. At first glance, Farecast offers:

1) Interactive maps (shown above) to illustrate fares from any major city. Consider it Travelocity Dream Maps on steroids.
2) Graphing functionality to assist with comparing the rise and fall of fares.
3) Grid topography to anticipate the best time of the month to travel.
4) A slick company blog to highlight new features.

Give it a whirl. In a few months, you may not start your airfare search anywhere else.


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