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I just returned from leading a trip of MBA1s through Northern California. What a treat. These folks were from all corners of the globe, all walks of life. A few highlights from the trip:

Mtrekkers meet the Golden Gate.

1) A crazy afternoon in San Francisco, including Chinatown, and a tasty dinner in North Beach
2) Overnight at a rustic hostel in Point Reyes, where we grilled oysters and BBQ skewers
3) Wine tasting in Sonoma and a late night hot tub dip in a local motel
4) Insane rafting on Class Four rapids on the Middle Fork of the American River
5) A Friday night Giants-Dodgers game in the bleachers at Pac Bell Park

I'll share more stories later. For now, though, I'm getting ready to head back to Ann Arbor. I'm a little sad that this great summer is coming to an end and I'm certainly not ready to start classes again. It's crazy to think that this MBA experience is half over.


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