Where's Nate?

living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


don't feed the lawyers.

So I guess talking virtual smack to my brother-in-law has caused a small revolution in the legal blogging community. Mike and his pal, Moose, have started UC Law 1998, a multi-lawyer blog. And the early results are stronger than Kerry's performance in the state of Ohio.

I like the approach of multiple authors. And it's always funny to see old people testing the waters. Now if only I could get Lil Bud and Moose to join Facebook.


  • At 3:40 PM, Blogger michael budelsky said…

    Nate, why are you so obsessed with your brother-in-law these days? Based on recent Nate postings, as a topic, I am at least as popular as Farecast or the Grapes of Raft. Woohoo!


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