Where's Nate?

living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


back to the big house.

Here I am, back in Ann Arbor, ready to start year two. It's kind of a nutty scene right now. Many of my classmates had amazing summer internships and are sifting through offers. The primary decision seems to be "Do I accept? Or do I play the field?" Either way, it's not a bad position.

But right now, I'm most excited about this:

I've been a Michigan football fan for (gasp) thirty years. And spending Saturdays at the Big House is a dream come true. I'm thinking we'll go 9-3 this season, losing to Notre Dame, OSU, and some crappy Big Ten opponent. But given our talent, we could just as easily go 11-1.

In fact, I'm so confident (sort of) that I placed a bet on the Wolverines to win the whole thing when I drove through Nevada last weekend. $10 could win me $250. How's that for being risk-averse?


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