Where's Nate?

living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


tag me, tag you.

So I've been tagged by Srini, my UM colleague. I guess I can't resist.

I am thinking that a four month summer is both too long and too short. Mainly, too short.
I said ten years ago that Radiohead was the best band on the planet. And I stand by that claim.
I want to learn how to be a wine snob.
I wish Americans would wise up this fall and vote anyone with an "R" next to his/her name out of Congress.
I miss the excitement of the playoff hunt when my Giants weren't so mediocre.
I hear voices every once in a while telling me to start my own company and stop working for The Man.
I wonder what the world will be like when we get 100 MPG.
I regret not spending just a tiny bit more money on travel. When I had the chance.
I am patient. But not too patient.
I dance in the same wacky way I did back in junior high.
I sing constantly. In tune. Out of tune. To guilty pleasures. And along with bands I love.
I cry when I see deep emotions on the faces of loved ones.
I am not afraid to share my opinion.
I write blog entries when I should be keeping in touch with old friends and colleagues.
I confuse anyone unfortunate enough to drive behind me in a parking lot.
I need more cowbell.
I should wake my ass up early four days a week and go for a run.
I finish great sports columns and opinions pieces in a matter of minutes.

I tag Morin and Cooley. You're next, wee-otches.


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