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Evite is a brilliant, functional way to manage party invitations and has revolutionized how we RSVP. But it has also spawned a subculture of alibi-creationists. In other words, a "No" response is always accompanied by a reason for not attending. Bear with me here.

If you can attend, you simply click "Yes." A small number of responses include a bit of relevant information. For example, "Yes. I'll bring the beer." Or "Yes. [Insert inside joke here.]" But mainly you just say "Yes" and then show up.

But if you choose "Maybe" or "No", you must also include a logical reason as to why you won't be able to join the shindig. Here's an example:

I'm invited to an engagement party this weekend with a list of 50 invitees. Of the 40 people who responded in the affirmative, only a small handful included a short salutation. But of the half dozen people who cannot attend, every single response has a minimum-two line alibi:
* "Sorry we won't be able to attend we have last minute family coming to the house for the weekend"
* "I will be checking in at my second home, Las Vegas, that weekend. Big surprise, I know. I'll do my best this time to keep my head and the sidewalk from contacting."

You get the idea. The balance of the list are the technophiles, too afraid to clutter the invitation with any sort of response. They're out.

What does this mean? Human beings innately have a hard time saying "No." And I'm no different. You see, I don't know if I can ever decline an Evite again. I'm all out of excuses.


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