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big news from the big house.

I've owned only two season tickets in my life. The first was for the Vermont Expos, a brilliant A-ball club in Burlington in an ancient stadium where I knew the beer man by first name and we could walk to the games. The second is for the Wolverines. And today we received some interesting news:

We plan to reunite the students at the Big House! We are moving the visitors and public season ticket holders, who are currently adjacent to the student section, to allow 1,875 more students to be able to sit in the student section. The new capacity of the student section will be 20,469. In addition, we are relocating the Marching Band into the student section to seats near the field in front of the student section.

So long old people and people-wearing-the-colors-of-the-schools-we-hate. Bring in the rowdies! And hail to the victors, indeed.


  • At 1:46 PM, Blogger Maisie said…

    I'm so happy. Now we can stand without people complaining. I hope our seats are in a better place this time.

  • At 5:09 PM, Blogger American Pi said…

    And so long to the people asking us to sit down because we would always stand on our seats - like the rowdies we are.


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