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So maybe this is what social networking is all about.

The day started with registering for a University of Michigan golf outing in mid-July. After reading about this event, for current students and alums, I talked my Dad (Ross Class of '76) into signing up with me during a late Father's Day round at Deep Cliff.

This morning I chatted with a young woman who is a friend of a friend of mine from Apple. She was looking for some insight on tech marketing, namely how I transitioned from working in higher education to the dark side.

I took the call during a short morning break at Yahoo!, where every so often my IM client lights up with pings from former fruit company colleagues. More than a few of these current colleagues were folks that I helped find jobs in the Loop. I was also able, today, to set up dinner plans this coming weekend with friends from Apple, Middlebury, and Michigan.

This evening I was on the phone with several Michigan friends, strategizing about our exciting trip to Northern California and the overarching theme for next year's Futurtech Conference. (Hint: For a sneak preview of the theme, read the first line of this blog posting.) I was interrupted during these calls by consecutive text messages from a high school buddy watching the Giants avenge their 2002 World Series defeat at the hands of the California...err, Anaheim...err, Los Angeles Angels. Of Anaheim.

Maybe this is "getting older", the interplay between circles of friends and acquaintances. Call it what you want: none of this would be as seamless were it not for disruptive technologies like blogging, cell phones, or instant messaging.

My life feels like the Olympic rings. And where they intersect is where it gets interesting.


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