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walls come tumbling down.

By all accounts, Ross is going to look very different when we return in the fall. They are knocking down three of the primary buildings on campus (Assembly, Davidson, and Paton) and jamming everybody into the "new" half of the school. Not a bad gig for current MBAs (but it sucks to be a BBA). They also aren't wasting any time, and this photo that circulated around the MBA1s this morning is proof that the wreckers have arrived.

photo courtesy of a fellow MBA1.

People are grumbling a bit, but here's my take: anyone who picks a school based on physical facilities is missing the point. It's about the quality of the faculty and the student body, and Michigan is second to none. Now, if the new building helps attract "better" faculty and students, that's a good thing. But a two year construction wave shouldn't scare anyone away from Ross.

Side note. I was a little bored this morning so I decided to take the train to the City to see my Giants beat the crap out of Dusty Baker...I mean, the Cubbies. No home runs for Barry. Yet.


  • At 12:59 PM, Blogger fromcali said…

    Wow. Kinda surreal seeing the actual construction taking place. I second your thoughts on the whole "physical facilities don't make the school" thing.

    I do wonder how I'll find everything. Finding things during GBR was hard enough. :) I'm sure lots of other confused Ross MBA1's and MBA2's will be glad to help.


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