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I used to take it for granted. Growing up so close to San Francisco meant that I only made it to The City a few times a year. And only to the most touristy of locales. So it wasn't until Paige and I moved back to the Bay Area in 2002 that I truly began to appreciate The City.

We managed to get away to San Francisco this past weekend, spending a romantic night near Union Square. Continuing an unprecedented commitment to public transportation, Paige and I hopped on Caltrain in Mountain View and headed north on Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon was spent shopping at H&M, chowing on Greek grub at Santorini, and watching the world go by beneath the big monument in the square. Sunday dinner, at the brilliant recommendation of my new Y! manager, was paella at B44, followed by drinks at E&O.

Monday morning was a lazy jaunt down to the Ferry Building to salivate over gourmet treats, book browing at City Lights, and a jaunt down Grant in Chinatown.

Sure, it was touristy. But what the hell. Sometimes the best treats are right under your nose. Or at the end of a short train line.


  • At 12:09 PM, Blogger michael budelsky said…

    You say that you were "continuing an unprecedented commitment to public transportation." Wasn't this the first time you ever road Caltrain?

    It's fun to be a tourist every once in a while in your home town.


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