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Go Blue Rendezvous is a great weekend at Ross in which new admits visit campus to meet professors, current students, and (most importantly) each other. I had the pleasure this week to coordinate the housing information table, host an admit dinner, and introduce my favorite Finance prof. The energy around this place, which was starting to wane a bit as first-years retreated into MAP cocoons, was as high as I've seen since football season.

So if you missed my housing tips, here they are in a nutshell:
1) Decide whether or not you want to walk. Then decide how far.
2) Decide whether or not you mind undergrad neighbors. Then decide how many.
3) Decide whether or not you bring furniture. Then decide how much.

All of these variables will impact your rent. The closer you get to campus, the higher the rent. The farther you get from campus, the higher the quality. But remember, when you're stumbling out of Rick's and you have to get home, the most expensive cab in Ann Arbor will cost no more than $10. Well worth it.

Hosting admits is a hilarious, high-energy experience and I'm definitely going to do it again next year. At one point on Thursday night, I looked around the event and noticed that all of the MBA1s were talking to each other. But that's fine. All of the admits were far more interested in each other than current students. We're boring. And that's cool.


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