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Paige's Aunt Dorothy (actually "great aunt") passed away the other night. She was 93.

I first met Aunt Dorothy in spring 1997, when Paige and I first started dating. Aunt Dorothy joined us for Easter Sunday and then Opening Day in Cincinnati. She was a baseball nut, a lifelong Cubbies fan. She drank beer. She took Paige and I to the driving range and ripped a few down the middle. She called me "Nat."

Aunt Dorothy moved from Wisconsin to Southern Illinois in the early 1990s. She promptly bought a house. And then a Thunderbird. A convertible. A bright yellow convertible.

She was truly a selfless individual that believed family came first, a tremendously hard worker who moved her way up the Prudential chain during the glass ceiling era. And for the last few years, she volunteered at a food pantry to help the homeless. It was for this service that she was honored as an Inspiring Woman by Southern Illinois University.

We'll certainly miss you, Aunt Dorothy. May there be light beer and Cubs games wherever you are.


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