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let the voting begin.

We received our MAP binders last Friday. For those of you unfamiliar with this acronym, it stands for something like "Multidisciplinary Action Project" and is roughly translated to mean "MBA field trip." Except instead of the zoo or science museum, we get to take our newfound MBA skills all around the world. It's a unique part of the Ross curriculum, and something that attracted me to Ann Arbor in the first place.

So we get a huge binder of projects and are asked to rank our top ten. "Gaming" has been a topic of conversation around these parts. In other words, can you outthink the ranking system and assure yourself of either (1) going international or (2) avoiding an assignment in North Dakota.

Since I'm going back into technology after I graduate, I'm angling for the projects in China and India with companies like Intel and Infosys. Also of interest is a project with Whirlpool in Russia, a stock car racing team in North Carolina, and a (business) tour of Western Europe with American Express.

Let the ranking begin!


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