Where's Nate?

living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


cheer boys cheer.

My alma mater is up against a significant inflow (can you tell I'm taking Ops this term?) of applications. Paige knows this firsthand, as she has been working hard to make sure volunteer interviewers are available for West Coast applicants. It's a good problem, really. And suffice it to say, I couldn't get in there anymore.

From the student newspaper:
This year the Admissions Office saw a 21 percent increase in Early Decision (ED) I applications and a comparable increase in ED II, which means that almost 150 more high school seniors than last year pegged Middlebury as their top college choice. Of the 6,152 applicants for the class of 2010, an unprecedented 900 more than last year, 195 have been accepted ED I and 270 more are vying for ED II spots. In comparison to Williams' mere five percent increase in ED applicants and Harvard's eight percent decrease, the vast increase at Middlebury has proven to be a special, albeit welcome challenge to the Admissions Office.


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