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living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


a word about grades.

We've been told that grades don't matter. But we're all way too competitive with ourselves (and with each other) to truly believe this decree. To that end, we received an email from the Dean's Office today:

All of you got here by being outstanding at just about everything you do. You are used to doing well, whether it is a performance review or a grade.

However, you are now running with a very fast crowd. For most of you, this is the most talented group of people that you will ever be around. If your goal is to be at the top of the class -- especially in every course, you are setting yourself a very high bar.

Has anyone seen my running shoes? Why do I feel like I'm behind the pack?


  • At 5:51 PM, Blogger Patrick Lyon said…

    Nate - we're a lot cooler than those gunners who are purportedly at the top of our class. Think in terms of experiences. How many plunks do those guys have? Do they play bass in the hottest band in Ann Arbor? Do they have a cool nickname like "snide?" Have they slept with a professor? (ok the last part was a bit messed up and not at all true, but I was on a roll). My point is several-fold: 1) we learned a crapload this semester, so I got my money's worth, 2) I had a great time, 3) I don't have time to brainstorm three because I have to get back and study finance so that I can beat the gunners. doh! - Patrick


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