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finals (again).

This whole Fall A/Fall B course schedule it throwing me for a loop. We start a new class and have a midterm three weeks later. Then three weeks after the midterm, we have a final. Then we do it all over again.

So this week is Finals week, although my social schedule over the weekend seems to run contrary to that fact. What's different this time around is that we only have one "in class" final. That's Finance, coming this Friday to an MBA1 near you. Given my relative incompetence in this particular subject matter, I'd much rather get it out of the way. Oh well.

I'm working today on my written final for Organizational Behavior. First you read a case; then you write a response that is careful to catalogue every single thing we've learned in class. This reminds me of a liberal arts approach and is much more my style. The problem is that the case, while interesting, has a lot of juicy data in it. And I have other finals to prepare for. Anyway, hoping to turn this one in on Wednesday.

Next up is our final paper for my elective Strategic Brand Management. We're working on the Ikea brand. We've done industry research, focus groups, online surveys, brand maps, tactical brainstorms, etc. Now all we need to do is put it down on paper. Thirty to forty pages of paper.

Last (but not least), our Marketing exam is an online simulation. Some kind of crazy modeling tool that throws questions at us and makes us react. Sort of a "Choose Your Own Adventure" exam.

All of this will be complete in the next five days. And then I'm home for the holidays. Finally.


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