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living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


bundle up.

We got almost six inches of snow today, so it was a good day to study. So why didn't I get any studying done?

Here are a few reasons:
1) Chores. I did laundry and cleaned my apartment for the first time in (cough) several weeks.
2) The Apprentice finale.
3) Conference calls with Apple.
4) Last minute Christmas shopping.
5) Goose Island Honker's Ale.
6) Color printing, at twenty seconds a page, for my IKEA project.
7) Planned out my move from Nob Hill to a location closer to campus.
8) Trader Joe's hummus and mini pitas.
9) Learned two new songs on my guitar (and attempted to sing them).
10) Chatted with Dave Morin...who met my Dad at Red's Hair Salon. (Thanks, Scott!)
11) The latest issue of Time.
12) The entire Pearl Jam library, courtesy of my iPod.
13) My vacuum.

My Finance final is in twelve hours. And the only thing I know the Net Present Value of is the number of hours I spent procrastinating today. What's the discount rate on that?

Cash Flow = $50 (Tuition/365 days + Monthly Expenses/31 days, divided by hours screwing off)
N = 10 hours procrastination
R = 4.25% prime rate
NPV = $417.56 (based on graduation date, taken back to PV)

And with AAPL only up by a little bit today, I didn't gain much against my costs.

Maybe I should put that on my cheat sheet. I guess I've learned something after all.


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