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boxing day.

I've grown to enjoy not travelling for Christmas. It's a wonderful thing: waking up late in your own bed, pouring a cup of coffee, watching the dog go insane over his new toy, opening presents with your sweetie.

We had a great holiday yesterday. After a couple of hours of relaxing in the morning, we went over to Mom and Dad's for brunch and stocking stuffers and more present opening. Mom made her famous french toast casserole, Dad and I set up her brand-new iMac (welcome to the cult, Mom), and Paige got more presents than any of us. (She's so spoiled.)

I had a decent haul yesterday: Simpson's DVD sets, shirts and sweaters, and lots and lots of warm socks. And the IKEA stocking stuffer trip* was a huge success, with many wacky Swedish gifts for all. We're off to Omaha tomorrow for G&G's 60th wedding anniversary party. Should be fun!

* Every Christmas Eve my family goes shopping for stocking stuffers. We get $20 and 20 minutes and we go to a different store every year. And since we're all in the store together, we look like shoplifters. Just another decades-old Johnson tradition.


  • At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Nick said…

    I hope you got the Season 7 of the Simpsons DVD - it has the "22 Short Sketches of Springfield" episode where Snake is wearing the Middlebury T-shirt. I remember the reaction in the Pearsons lounge when that one first aired....

  • At 12:30 PM, Anonymous wendy said…

    I cried laughing at your shoplifters comment. Hilarious. Sounds like a great tradition.


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