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Saturday was kind of a crummy day. At least until Paige (finally) showed up.

It all started very early on Saturday morning (around 2:30a EST) when I got a call from Paige that she was stuck in LAX. It seems that those jackasses at United only gave her a 45 minute layover from SFO. And when she missed her connection because of mechanical issues, they shrugged and put her up in a hotel.

What pisses me off is this: when I booked the tickets I remarked at how tight the turnaround was in LAX and asked them to route her directly to Chicago. They assured me it would be OK. Then United changed her itinerary a few weeks ago and cut down her layover by ten minutes. I called again and asked for a direct routing. No dice. And you wonder why this industry is pouring money into that blue hole in the tiny lavatory behind economy class.

Since Paige couldn't make it in time, she missed the Ohio State game. In hindsight, this was not such a bad thing. Michigan, in spite of only -855 yards rushing, managed to hold the lead with a few minutes to play. As 111,000+ held their breath, the UM defense showed it's true colors. I haven't seen that much Swiss cheese since I visited Milwaukee. Poulan Weed Eater Bowl, here we come!

The good news is that Paige is here now. And she's here all week. Too bad she can't take my Finance midterm for me.


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