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living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.



What happens when you take 450 first-year MBAs, break them up into arbitrary sections, convince them to yell at each other for an hour during a corporate-sponsored Shout! Off, and then give $500 to the winners?

Well, this happens.

(click for Shout! Off pix)

Our section...Section 5...tore it up with a medley of old school hip-hop and a not-so-veiled brown-nose job to the sponsors. And, of course, every sentence included a reference to five, cinco, go, phive, etc. When the dust settled after Round One, we went toe-to-toe with Section 6 and busted out our special "finals" cheer. Guess who won the $500?

We're loud, we're cocky, we're obnoxious. I love these guys.


  • At 9:39 PM, Blogger Andy Ramsay said…

    Nate- I was wondering if I could feature your blog on the website I am working on with four other friends. We're all college students, and we're launching a college-only auction website. We have a just for fun section called the "Poohah" that has student blogs. I think your blog would be great, because undergrads would love to follow what it's like to be a grad student. The website is called MyCollegeMarket.com. You can register with a .edu email address. Let me know what you think. My email is aramsay@ucla.edu. Thanks and good luck at b-school!


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