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trust your neighbor.

At long last, the moving gorillas showed up today. And with them they brought my couch, TV, table, and futon bed. So I'm finally furnished and settled in.

We went through two classroom sessions during orientation today. The first, Globalization, focused on international business trends, policies, and strategies. It was an interesting exercise in which I learned, in a nutshell, that most of of classmates are isolationist by nature. But all seemed to see the benefits of the global economy and will no doubt compete to be placed in the various international programs in March and April (more on that in the coming weeks).

The second module, Citizenship, focused on how corporations negotiate to drive their bottom line. The bulk of this session was a hands-on simulation in which each team was given an industry and several target markets. It was essentially a multi-team version of the Prisoner's Dilemma. My takeaway from the activity was discovering who to trust and who to question.

Not much else to report. I'm just happy to not be sitting on the floor, eating my dinner off the top of an IKEA box.


  • At 2:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I think your takeaway from the "Prisoners Dilemna" exercise is a little harsh or, at least, premature. Walsh introduced the exercise as a game; nothing more. Had our credibility and/or integrity actually been on the line, I am sure that many, if not all, of my teammates would have chosen a higher road. As it turns out, we were out to have some fun with the game and, yes, to create a little drama. I am hopeful that most of our classmates will not use this "game" as an indicator of our future trustworthiness.


  • At 2:50 PM, Blogger nate_johnson said…

    A great comment from a sectionmate. Who knew that people actually read this thing! You'll no doubt find (if you decide to return) that much of what I write is tongue-in-cheek.


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