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Paige and I just returned from a weeklong journey to Omaha by car and by plane. And after 2,000 miles on the road (and 2,000 back in the sky), I noticed a few things:

> I-80 is flat.
> It rains (actually, it pours) every August afternoon in Rocky Mountain National Park. You can set your watch to it.
> Omaha is a real city, with more billionaires per capita than nearly every major metropolis.
> Road contruction sites run at a 20% efficiency rate (even less if you count the Highway Patrol).
> You really can hear the corn grow at night.
> After you pay $2.80 for 85-octane in rural Nevada, you start to think $2.50 gas in California is a bargain.
> I get better cell phone in the middle of the Bonneville Salt Flat (75+ miles of, you guessed it, salt) than in my own living room.
> My iPod shuffle doesn't shuffle.
> Long term parking in Omaha: $3/day.

It's nice to be home (even if it's only for a few more days).


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