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Google is getting a lot of press recently for it's new instant messaging app. No doubt it's a brilliant piece of software and is a key cog in Google's world domination strategy. But for my money, I'm still a huge fan of iChat.

And here's why. When Paige and I hook up our iSight cameras, we instantly close a 3000 mile gap and can talk to each other face-to-face. I can walk around my apartment with my PowerBook or even take her with me outside to see the view of Ann Arbor. Tonight, for example, I got to spend a few minutes with Paige, my folks, and my dog. And because it runs over a conventional web hookup, it's free. Nothing can beat that.

Here's looking at you, Paige.


  • At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Reed said…

    Hey Nate-

    I agree Google Talk is not nearly as sweet as iChat. However, you can use Google talk to video chat for free as well. You can also log on to Google Talk through iChat using Jabber. Anyway my money is still on iChat but it will be interesting to see what Google will bring to this emerging technology!


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