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katrina, go home.

Hurricanes have become a multimedia festival. And with Katrina, a Category 5 just hours off the coast of Louisiana, I've become addicted to the coverage. Take my personal fascination (read, obsession) with weather and add it to the fact that New Orleans is my favorite destination in the US and it becomes a potent combo. The impact is staggering. Analysts are predicting that Katrina's trek through the Gulf will push oil prices to $70/barrel.

Local network WDSU is running ongoing coverage of the event on it's website. Visit WDSU.com and you can watch the live news feed as New Orleans residents seek higher ground.

(click to watch the live coverage)

As of right now, the folks from WDSU have been forced to relocate to Jackson, MS, and have temporarily handed off the coverage to an Orlando affiliate. Scary stuff.

My thoughts go out to the land of muffalettas and gumbo.


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