Where's Nate?

living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.



Major League Baseball's All Star Game annoys me. Actually, it's the Fox coverage of the Midsummer Classic that's out of control. Take tonight's game. The first pitch wasn't tossed until 45 minutes after "coverage" began.

But the biggest slap came when Fox paid tribute to legendary Tigers announcer, Ernie Harwell. Kevin Kennedy asked Harwell a question...about Al Kaline. As Harwell began to wax poetic about the Hall of Famer, Jeanne Zelasko preempted the response to go to something more important. Like the first pitch? Nah. How about a two minute montage of Motown singers that had absolutely nothing to do with the game. Thank you, Fox.

In related news, CNN announced today that Kelly Kaposki from "Saved by the Bell" was married to some D-grade actor last weekend. Now that's what I call news.


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