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free stuff.

I know it makes sense. But people respond to marketing offers that hold considerable value.

Take the $5 Albertson's coupons we get in the mail every few weeks. Albertson's sucks. But $5 is enough to get me into their store. Another good example is the 20% off coupons from Bed, Bath, & Beyond and their evil twin, Linens & Things. This is enough of an incentive to convince me to buy that quesadilla maker I really don't need.

Today, we got a "free 10-inch pizza" offer from a new joint in San Jose called zpizza. No strings attached. I'll probably only eat there once, but a free pizza offer is enough to get me to try. After all, there's always room for pie.

So, marketeers, keep those big dollar offers coming. This Joe Consumer is more than willing to take your money.


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