Where's Nate?

living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


clean up on aisle five.

I like beer. But it bugs me when a bottle promises to be a twist off and fails to deliver. I'd rather plan ahead, grab a bottle opener, and pop the top than spend a minute tearing off the top layer of skin between my thumb and index finger. Are you reading this, Alaskan Brewing Company?

On to the topic of supermarkets. There's a time and a place for requiring a discount card to access special prices. And perusing the aisles at my local groceria is not one of them.

Nob Hill rules. Special offers are available to all customers at all times. If the price is reduced on salad dressing or toaster-friendly waffles, you don't need to remember to bring your Super Special Exclusive Rewards card to the checkout counter.

Safeway, Albertson's, Von's...learn a lesson from Nob Hill. If you want my dollar, just ask for it. Don't make me produce one of the dozens of pseudo-credit cards that I have stashed away in my utility drawer.


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