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I fly a lot. And I remain fiercely loyal to United. Through bankruptcy, mergers, and downsizing, it seems like flying the friendly skies remains the best way to go.

Case in point: I have to fly American frequently when my company is picking up the bill. Inevitably, it's a lousy experience. AA is the only carrier that hasn't sent the S80s to the desert. S80s are notoriously noisy, have seats that recline when you don't want them to (and don't recline when you do), and feature the worst seats in the air. If you've had the pleasure to sit in the back row of an S80, with it's romantic "view" of the engine, you know what I'm talking about. Hungry? On AA you have the "option" of dropping $3 for .25 worth of packaged snacks. Nice.

So, who's doing it right? You have to admire Southwest for changing the rules of the game. And JetBlue for taking the Southwest model to a premium brand.

JetBlue has spawned a ton of imitators. One category is the sub-brands of Ted (United) and Song (Delta). The other category is the re-brands like Independence Air (which is a warmed-over version of Atlantic Coast Airlines).

On the horizon? How about this merger between USAir and America West. With USAir's strength on the East Coast and America West's strength out west, this could be a formidable partnership. It's certainly one to watch.


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