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living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


doublin' down.

Back to Lost Wages last week with some friends. This time we stayed at the Palms, a funky off-Strip hotel owned by the owner that owns the Sac-Town Kings. The Palms is a young and energetic place and the staffers are very friendly and cool. I would stay there again.


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The post-Real World Palms sports a gaggle of C-level celebrities and reality-show-in-progress filiming. We saw Omarossa ("The Apprentice"), Michael Vartan ("Alias"), Trishelle ("Real World"), and Andrew Firestone ("The Bachelor"). I had no clue about the last two, but with everyone standing around and staring I had to ask. What a messed up, celebrity-crazy nation we are.

As opposed to roulette and video poker, this trip was all about Blackjack and MLB bets. While I did pretty well on the former, the latter took away the former's profits. You see, there's this clever thing called a parlay. So if you bet on more than one game, your winnings go up exponentially. For example, on Thursday I put $30 on the Mets, Twins, and Astros. If all three teams had won, I would have been $180 richer. Cool.

Except the Mets end up blowing my $30 in a bullpen meltdown late in the game. So I learned my lesson. On Friday, I put down some cash on a three-team parlay. And then another chunk on a six-team parlay. A loss by the Marlins blows up in my face. What fun!

Anyway, much fun was had in Vegas at the Ghost Bar, N9ne, Monte Carlo Brewery, and so forth. I don't have any plans to return (which is probably a good thing). I don't think my wallet can take that kind of pressure.


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