Where's Nate?

living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


what a bum(mer) knee.

So Barry Bonds might be out for the season to nurse his bum knee, detox from the cream and the clear, and dodge allegations of infidelity and tax evasion. Did Hank Aaron ever have to dodge this kind of crap? Pedro (Feliz) for President.

Hosted the (counting on my fingers) 7th annual El Guapo Baseball Association* draft last night. What a mess. CBS kept crapping out every fifteen minutes, so we ran the bulk of the draft over the phone. Talk about old school. The audio highlight of the night actually came in the form of a flushing toilet, as one of the managers (whose name I will withhold) brought multi-tasking to a new level.

Send your positive karma to the once-mighty Green Mountain Boys. With a solid offense and total shiite for pitching, we're going to need a leprechaun (or five) in the dugout.

*"wasting time since 1999"


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