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open your eyes.

Once in a rare while, I read a book that forces introspection. It encourages me to take a deeper look in the mirror, a longer glance into my soul. It backs up an aggressive premise with compelling and skillful arguments.

Malcom Gladwell's Blink is such a book.

Gladwell is a masterful story teller. His discourse on snap judgements uses a foundation of vignettes that appear, at first glance, to be completely disconnected. I suspect this is intentional. Because, of course, nothing Gladwell writes is without purpose. Call it manipulation, call it propaganda. It just works.

It's as if Gladwell has a devoted army of researchers able to dig up examples ranging from a Greek statue's arrival in LA to a marriage counselor's session in Seattle. It's an endless array of stories that push his point forward. It is, simply, the best non-fiction writing on the market today. Go get it.


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