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who shot your shirt?

i just returned from a business trip to honolulu. yes, that's right. a "biz-ness" trip. we really worked hard in paradise. not a lot of beach time.

here's what i noticed.

hawaii is really chill. instead of collared shirts and ties, the company uniform is the legendary "aloha" shirt. everybody, from the shopowner to the cfo, the school teacher to the salesman, was decked out in floral tops.

the aloha shirts du jour ranged from the classic, wide-collared to the nouveau, rayon style. and the color schemes covered all categories, from primary colors to the most obscure crayola vibes. the top brands seemed to be reyn spooner, tim richards, and kahala.

so i bought one.

now, mind you, i'm a bit of an aloha shirt connoisseur. i can spot a brilliant hawaiian wardrobe from a half-mile at the local flea market or thrift shop. that's easy. buying one at a honolulu macy's, on the other hand, is a challenge.

fortunately, my first choice rose to the top without a whole lot of effort. i'm pretty picky about aloha shirts. they have to be retro and feature a color scheme just tacky enough for people to wonder if i'm being serious or goofy. at least that's how i justify my fashion decisions to myself.

mahalo for listening.


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