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living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


one of those days

i'm not sure why, but two unrelated things made this a great day for me. a closer look at these items allows you to peak into my far-flung hobbies and interests.

first, the annual l.l. bean spring fishing catalog arrived on my doorstep. this arrival prompted uncontrollable salivating and an impulse reach for the visa card. i cannot wait to tie one on and start tracking rainbows and browns in the high sierras.

second, i learned that the new album by the mars volta will be released on march 1. (mouth watering.) this half of el paso's at the drive-in cranked out a disc in 2003 that didn't leave my player for six months. what's more, you (yes, YOU) can download the new tune "the widow" at the itunes music store.

no excuses. just make it happen.


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