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new "new's" for a new year

so i can't help myself. here are a few things i picked up over the holiday break. while they might not be new, they are "new to me".

tunes: muse rocks. they rock in a wacked-out pseudo-ok-computer-era-radiohead kind of way. maybe it's because i'm suffering through thom yorke withdrawal, but muse is locked and loaded in the heavy rotation column.

eats: bbq oysters. we first tasted these morsels up in marin county and then reprised the treats in seattle over the holidays. it's easy.

first, get somebody else to shuck 'em so you don't add any of your special red sauce. then crumble up some bacon and thinly slice a bit of spinach. next crumble a bit of bleu cheese. add all three to the oyster, put 'em on the grill (in the shell), and let 'em roast for a few. then enjoy with a frosty brew! (btw, there's an official name for these. i just call 'em "bitchin'.")

dvds: ok, ok. so the billy madison/happy gilmore combo is pretty brilliant. but you gotta check out garden state. zach braff (even better out of his hospital wear) is a genius. the soundtrack is the best since high fidelity. and did i mention that i'm now in love with natalie portman? so long, ashley judd!


  • At 10:38 PM, Blogger Dave said…

    i need syndication nate_johnson. blogger will only let you feed me in one flavor, atom. but, since my newsreader is starving for your crafty pen. please. PLEASE ;)



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