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the musical peeping tom

one of the first things i do when i go over to someone's pad is check out their cd collection. it's a great way to start a conversation and to peer into their personality. and, since an ipod or computer directory is a bit more personal, it's also one of the casualties of the movement to digital music.

until now.

check it: www.audioscrobbler.com. this new-fangled plug-in builds a profile of your musical taste for all the world to see. it automatically updates your profile every time you play a new song in itunes, winamp, etc.). here's mine. so if you're a stats guy (like me), you can get a sense of where the heavy rotation is.

but it doesn't stop there. you can also peer into bands and affinity groups, facebook-style. so you can do a little bit of six-degrees-of-separation action to find out about brand new artists.

so go download it. and then try not to play that lindsay lohan/hillary duff mix you like to sing along with in the car. you're cooler than that, right?


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