Where's Nate?

living large in the four-oh-eight. wicked large.


the hotel bar

it's an interesting place, the hotel bar. a melting pot of businessmen, bridesmaids, out-of-towners, and loaners. tonight, i fit into three of those categories. and, if you need a hint, i'm not aiming to catch the bouquet tomorrow.

after a long day of travel and prior to two full days of business, all i'm looking for is some decent grub and a local brew. tonight i got the decent grub. but when i asked for a local brew, the bartender shrugged and poured me a michelob ultra. what's up with that?!?! i can get better beer at my local supermarket.

anyway, here i sit in atlanta. my proud "local brew" in front of me. a gaggle of giggline women to my left, two semi-loaded businessmen hitting on a poor woman to my right. way off at stage right, there's a guy waxing poetic about hitler not being an "evil person." welcome to the south.

they don't call it hot-lanta for nothing.


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